A volunteer distributes medicine to villagers in Gannan Tibet autonomous prefecture, Northwest China's Gansu province, on July 10, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua] BEIJING -- China has witnessed major improvement in the medical condition of impoverished counties, with more than 400 hospitals in these areas being upgraded to higher levels, said a senior official with the National Health Commission (NHC) Wednesday. Over 30 hospitals in these counties can now provide medical services comparable to that of top hospitals in the country, said Jiao Yahui, deputy director of the Medical Administration Bureau under the NHC, at a press conference. Patients in all of the most poverty-stricken counties can now get access to medical services on telemedicine platforms at their local hospitals, Jiao said. The official attributed the progress to help from the country's best hospitals over the past years. Since 2016, 963 top hospitals have paired with 1,180 hospitals in 834 impoverished counties to offer targeted assistance, enabling them to provide better medical service to local residents, the NHC figures show. As of 2018, more than 60,000 medical workers from top hospitals have been dispatched to hospitals in impoverished regions to assist them in hospital management and medical treatment. Poverty alleviation work in the medical sector is now at a crucial stage, said Jiao, adding that the NHC would further improve the medical condition in these areas and let telemedicine play a greater role. silicone wristband manufacturer
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How does one depict interaction between Chinese and Western cultures? Sculptor Wu Weishan had an idea: juxtaposing Qi Baishi and Leonardo da Vinci.One of his signature works features statues of Qi and da Vinci standing beside each other, with the Chinese painter holding an oversized cane and da Vinci's index finger pointing at the sky.Despite their different ways of expression, the artists both devoted their lives to seeking the truth of beauty and human emotions. It makes perfect sense they could have a conversation across time and space, Wu said.The work, on permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Rome, Italy, offers an example of Wu's careerlong exploration of relations between Chinese and Western cultures and his attempts to bridge the two using the wisdom in the hands, a phrase from former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.Geographical and racial differences may set us apart culturally, but deep down, people around the world share the same quest for betterment, virtue, and beauty, said Wu, 56, who is also director of National Art Museum of China.Over the past twenty years, Wu has created more than 500 sculptures of historical and cultural figures from around the world. His works have earned him numerous international awards, including the prestigious Pangolin Award from the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2003.I have a single criterion for choosing the subjects of my work: they have all contributed to civilization, he said.Wu, also a member of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, has put forward many proposals on cultural issues to the country's policymakers, including one advocating a more open mind in China's cultural interactions with the world.We often talk about cultural confidence today, but it doesn't mean we should cling to our past and stay complacent. Instead, we should embrace different cultures and try to create new artistic languages through interactions and exchanges, he said.However, Wu has also been a longtime critic of cultural appeasement in some of China's contemporary art scenes.There has been an inclination among some Chinese artists who always try to please the West by uglifying the Chinese people, he said in a discussion on the sidelines of the ongoing CPPCC annual meeting, adding that this has led the world to misunderstand China.For his part, Wu has been striving to promote Chinese classical artworks in the world, and was granted the title of Goodwill Ambassador for China Voices by the State Council, China's cabinet, in 2016.China's traditional values and thinking, especially the spirit of poetry that celebrates romanticism, are well-received worldwide, he said.Xinhua?
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